An arena FPS based gaming community dating back to 1999.

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About Dopepugs

Dopepugs is a collection of top tier arena based FPS players that originated from the Unreal Tournament 99 community. This includes communities such as ProUnreal, MLUT, and GlobalGamers.

Many of the community members in Dopepugs are well known in the arena gaming world and have won many championships. Such competitions include MLCTF, MLTDM, MLDM, MLIG, Clanbase and high ranked spots in OGL, Teamplay, Proving Grounds, UTI, and TWL. Also in the mix are former top tier Quake 3/Quake Live duelers who have competed in the masters bracket at Quakecon.

Dopepugs now serves as a community hub for both competitive and casual players to take on the new era of gaming.